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Changes to Ixom portfolios – Shell Lubricants

We would like to announce some changes to the distribution of Shell Lubricants in the New Zealand market.

With effect 1 April 2017, Ixom will be transferring the distribution responsibilities for its Shell Lubricants portfolio to Tyreline Distributors Limited.

Tyreline, a locally owned and operated business, have been involved in the distribution of tyres and associated products in New Zealand since 1986, and have established themselves as a leading distributor in the New Zealand market. They have a long standing relationship with Michelin dating back to 1993 and have been the Michelin distributor since 2007.

This change in distribution allows both Ixom and Tyreline to focus on their respective strengths – Ixom in the chemical industry and Tyreline with their ability to offer service and technical assistance across all industry sectors.

Like Ixom, Tyreline are committed to maintaining a high level of customer service, quality and supply – and a seamless transition is important to all of us.

Tyreline will be distributing a welcome pack over the next week to introduce Tyreline and outline how the transition will work. It will also include details on opening an account with them so there are no disruptions to you accessing Shell Lubricants.

Until the 31st of March 2017, orders will be processed and distributed through Ixom as they are today. Please contact 0800 673 375 to place your order. From the 1st of April 2017, all orders will be processed by Tyreline.