4L Helix HX5 15W-40

Shell Helix HX5 15W-40

Works harder by continuously helping to prevent dirt and sludge from building up in engines.

Formulated with cleansing technology
Up to 20% more effective at removing sludge from dirty gasoline engines than a normal mineral oil.

Good oxidation stability
Resists oil degradation throughout the oil-change interval.

High-quality base oils
Reduced oil volatility and therefore oil consumption.

Minimises vibration and engine noise
Smoother, quieter drive.


Shell Helix HX5 engine oil uses special active cleansing technology to help engines to operate efficiently for a smoother and quieter drive.

The oil in a clean engine can flow more quickly to where it is needed and has improved access to surfaces, so that the engine is better protected. Shell Helix HX5 goes on delivering its benefits throughout the oil-change interval.

Vehicle Suitability

Suitable for engines requiring 15W-40 Oil running on petrol & diesel.



  • API Classifications
    SN (For Petrol)
    CF (For Diesel)
  • ACEA Classifications

Pack Sizes

  • 12 x 1L packs
  • 4 x 4L packs
  • 209L drum